WHIRL Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine: Leading the New Revolution of Cutting Technology

Jan 31, 2024

In today's highly automated manufacturing industry, laser cutting technology with its high precision, high efficiency and high flexibility, has become an indispensable production tool for many industries. WHIRL Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine as an advanced representative of this field, with its excellent performance and wide application, is leading the cutting process to a new revolution. First of all, the WHIRL Series Laser Tube Cutting Machine provides an optional range of 3kW-6kW in power, meeting the needs of different customers for cutting ability.Whether it is thin plate or thick plate, whether it is small material or large material, this laser cutting machine can deal with it freely. Secondly, the A/P axis of the rotating ability reaches N*360°, making the cutting head can move in all directions, easily achieve a variety of complex shapes of cutting. The repeated positioning accuracy of the linear axis is ± 0.0015mm, which is the industry's leading level, ensuring that every cutting can be accurate and error-free. In terms of automation, this high precision laser tube cutting machine is equipped with intelligent semi-automatic and fully automatic feeding and unloading system. This system can automatically complete the feeding and unloading of materials, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers and improving the production efficiency. At the same time, the automatic batch feeding function makes the processing of large quantities of materials become easier, the maximum batch number can reach five tons, and the maximum single delivery weight is 300KG.

In order to further promote the automation and intelligence of the production line, the WHIRL series laser tube cutting machine can also be customized with automatic feeding robots, realizing the vision of the black light factory, that is, unmanned operation.This innovative measure will undoubtedly bring great competitive advantages for manufacturers.

In addition to the advantages of automation and precision, this high-efficiency laser tube cutting machine also has strong cutting ability. It can meet the needs of linear cutting, punching, groove cutting, intersecting line cutting and other cutting needs, cutting materials covering round pipe, square pipe, I-beam, H-beam, channel steel and so on. This wide applicability makes it widely used in engineering machinery, pipe processing, sports equipment, steel structure and other industries.

In a word, the WHIRL series laser tube cutting machine with its excellent performance and high efficiency productivity not only improves the efficiency and precision of the cutting process, but also brings unprecedented production experience for manufacturers. In the future, we have reason to believe that the WHIRL series laser tube cutting machine will continue to lead the new revolution of cutting process and promote the continuous development of manufacturing industry.

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